Based out of San Diego, California, Hands-On Technology Education, LLC is a company committed to empowering youth through mobile technology and the practical application of Computer Science.


Through After-School programs and Summer Camps, Hands-On Technology aims to accelerate the understanding of Computer Science in elementary and middle-school age students. We hope that we can work with one of your students soon!


Message From Hands-On Technology Founder, Dr. Korey Sewell:

Dear Visitor,


I’d first like to say “Thank You” for taking the time to navigate to this website. I sincerely hope you can find everything you need about the company within our website, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Hands-On Technology Education, LLC is a Computer Science education company with the core mission of “Empowering Youth Through Technology”.  I started the company in 2013 because of my love for computer science and my passion for teaching young people new technology.


I grew up in Carson, California and my earliest experiences with computers were playing on the “Nintendo” and “Sega Genesis” video game systems. Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog were amongst my early favorites. Of course, I can’t forget to mention my all time childhood favorite”John Madden Football” (There were many hours spent constructing my own version of football glory!). Throughout my early video game days, I always asked questions to myself like “How does this really work?” and “Could I make an even better version of these when I grow up?!”.


I ended up taking this early technology inspiration and studied Computer Science at the University of California at Riverside (UCR) in 2004. While in undergraduate school, I initially took up teaching “Programming 101″ as a way to supplement my college student “budget”. However, I quickly saw that I also found joy in helping others learn Computer Science. I thought to myself “Hey, this is a great way to save some extra weekend money and have fun at the same time”!


After receiving my Bachelor’s degree from UCR, I went on to study Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Michigan, Arbor. I received my Master’s in 2007 and my Doctorate in 2012. During my time in graduate school, I had the fortune of teaching Computer Science to a wide variety of students ranging from middle school to high school to college freshmen/sophomores. From that experience, I learned that Computer Science could be packaged in a way that could be both appealing *and* obtainable by youth. Furthermore, leveraging the wave of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) in the classroom had a lasting effect on student learning.


Consequently, the curriculum found in today’s Hands-On Technology’s programs are based off of the many classroom experiences and prior works that I’ve had in teaching Computer Science. I am pleased to have the opportunity to present this to you today and know that you’ll find the Hands-On Technology programs as innovative and inspiring for kids as I have seen first hand.


– Korey Sewell, Ph.D.