Summer Camp Terms & Conditions:

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Please read the following and electronically sign at the bottom of the document.


Terms & Conditions

1. I understand that my child will not be allowed to stay for any Afterschool program (and/or Camp) unless they are registered for the specific day and class. Children are expected to stay for the entire class session unless a parent/guardian provides written or verbal permission allowing my child to leave early.


2. If my child is injured and requires medical attention and I cannot be reached for instructions, I do hereby give authority to the Hands-On Technology Education, LLC to obtain necessary emergency medical treatment for my child at my expense with the understanding that the family will be notified as soon as possible.


3. In consideration of Hands-On Technology Education, LLC conducting this Afterschool program (and/or Camp) and allowing my child to participate in such program, I hereby accept and assume all risks and hold harmless, release and discharge the hosting school, Hands-On Technology Education, LLC as well as any volunteers, employees, contractors, and agents from any and all liability relating to or arising out of my child’s participation.


4. I understand that photos and videos may be taken of my child and used for purposes of promoting the Afterschool program (and/or Camp) and may be used by Hands-On Technology Education, LLC as well.


5. Full refunds will only be given until the second meeting of said activity whether the student attends or not. After that, a partial refund may be considered up until the first month and after that no refund at all. Refunds will not be given in substitute of classes/sessions that the student does not attend. You agree that refund requests are to be initiated by emailing


6. A minimum number of registered students are necessary for classes to be held. If you have paid for a class that becomes cancelled due to under-enrollment, your fee will be reimbursed.


7. If your child registers for a course in the 12 and under group, this means the guardian or authorized pick-up person must sign the child out of care. In order to pick up your participant from camp, only those knowing the code word—or those named as additional authorized pick-up persons (and who show a valid picture ID, Driver License or Passport)—will be eligible.


8. Hands-On Technology Education, LLC Afterschool programs (and/or Camp)s require my child to meet certain standards of behavior. I understand that if my child fails to behave, or demonstrates repeated unsatisfactory conduct, the instructor has the right to contact parent/guardian and to dismiss my child from the Afterschool program (and/or Camp).


9. I understand that some Hands-On Technology Education, LLC game courses require creation or use of an online account during instructional time, or will require an online account to be created for access to games and networked game play.


10. I understand that in general, Hands-On Technology Education, LLC views social networking sites (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), personal websites, and blogs positively and respects the rights of our participants to use them as a medium for self-expression. Hands-On Technology Education, LLC does, however, also recognize the potential dangers associated with the abuse of social networking sites, and has set forth this policy:


Hands-On Technology Education, LLC makes every reasonable effort to prevent participants from being exposed to inappropriate web content. As a safeguard, Hands-On Technology Education, LLC will to filter inappropriate content on Hands-On Technology Education, LLC computers. No software is 100% perfect, and some inappropriate content may inadvertently be accessed. Hands-On Technology Education, LLC takes reasonable precautions to guard against inappropriate material from being viewed. Please understand that participants found in violation of our “common sense” internet policy may be removed from camp without receiving a refund.