Mobile Tech 300:

Robot Car Workshop

Hands-On Technology Education is hosting a Robot Car Workshop this summer! This workshop will be targeted to students who have completed 2 sessions of our summer camp or have adequate experience in Computer Science (coding) and Electrical engineering (circuits).  Dr. Korey Sewell will be hosting and teaching this workshop so you can be sure to expect a fun-filled, learning experience for all attendees!


The workshop will be held on Saturday, 7/29 at Carmel Mountain Ranch Recreation Counter from 10am - 1pm.



The workshop will first start off with an short introduction to circuits and breadboarding (with LEDs). Then we will get to building! The instructor will walk the students through the building process of connecting the chassis and wheels to the car. 

After building the car (and a short brain break!), students will learn how to code the car to move autonomously! We will use the Arduino Redbot interface which consists of text-based coding principles (similar to C).

Advanced students will have the opportunity to explore using Accelemeromter and InfraRed Sensor to take their cars to the next level!


Each student will receive their own, take-home Robot Car Building Kit ordered from Sparkfun (the kit includes a screwdriver, batteries, and all necessary building supplies!).


Laptops will be provided for students, although students are welcome to bring their own computing device as well (contact for notes on software requirements)


Cost of this session will be $35 for registration and $120 for the take-home supplies (robot car kit). If registering within 3 weks of the camp date, it is advised to pay the registration fee only so that you can order the take-home supplies separately and add-on any necessary shipping priority.


Please visit the payments page to reserve your spot!