Why send your kids to separate engineering camps for programming, electrical engineering, or even typing? At Hands-On Technology Education, LLC, we are providing the most cost-effective and balanced technology summer camp in San Diego!


Our summer camps provide campers with a balanced schedule of learning and fun each day. Each day campers will have sessions of programming, circuits, and/or typing. Additionally, we schedule separate sessions for outdoor fun and technology exploration "free time". Special Events accentuate our learning through career days, extended outdoor fun, and even field trips!


Another key factor is that each of our summer camp is that our approach to learning is tailored for the 3rd-8th grade age group (...attention span!). Rather than saturate and overload students with topics they are often learning for the first time, our approach is to build our summer camp students' skill set through a series of games and short projects. As camp goes on, we increase the challenges and encourage students to be creative in their project designs. The result is a tailored camp experience that can spark a life long learning experience. That's a win for both parent and camper!

Check out the  table below comparing typical summer program costs:


Summer Comparison Table


* Day Care Costs: Information derived from
* Local University Tech Camp: Information compared against, UC San Diego “Adventures in Scratch” 2014 Summer Program. This comparison compares only against this offering and not versus all offerings available through (Downloaded 4/14/14)