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Summer Technology Camp for Rising 3rd-6th Graders
June 27th, 2016 – August 5th, 2016
~ This Camp is Sponsored and Hosted by Be The Change International, a 501 (c) (3) organization ~

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Do your kids love computers, video games, smartphones, or tablets? If so, let's turn that enthusiasm for technology into a summer of coding, android app design, circuits and fun outdoor camp activities! 


We are pleased to announce that Hands-On Technology Education will be hosting our 2016 Mobile Technology Summer Camp for rising 3rd-6th graders at Wangenheim Middle School in Mira Mesa (9230 Gold Coast Drive, San Diego, CA).


Two-week camp sessions are available for both 100 level (beginner) and 200 level (intermediate) campers. To enroll your student, please go to the Registration Page and sign-up!



Girl Codes in Android App Inventor

Camp Goals

Campers show off their SnapCircuit Design

Camp Information

All Activities in Mobile Tech Camp 2016! align with our 3 Summer Goals for Campers to:

  • Learn the Fundamentals of Mobile Technology!

Campers engage in Computer Science activities such as Game Programming, Android App Design and Typing Proficiency


  • Experience Engineering with Hands-On Projects!

Campers find summer fun in traditional science & engineering projects like Electricity 101 & Circuit Design


  • Balance Learning with Outdoor Camp Activities!

The right mix of inside and outside time will make this a summer your camper won’t forget

Detailed summer camp information can be found in the following links:



  • Camp Sessions – Should you sign up for a Beginner or Intermediate level session?






  • Camp Scholarships - A limited number of scholarships are available for campers demonstrating need. 

Summer Camp Technology

Campers use SnapCircuits for introductory circuit projects
Campers use Android App Inventor to make Cool Apps!

Campers will get hands-on access to cool technology building tools like Android App Inventor and the SnapCircuits 750R Extreme Circuits Kit! Check out the other camp technology used at Mobile Tech Summer Camp HERE.

Kids playing outside

Every day at Mobile Tech Camp features students getting hands-on experience with software and hardware concepts! Outdoor activities and guided exploratory time balances each camp day. Learn about our  typical camp schedule HERE.

Special Events

Summer Tech Camp Olympics at Mobile Tech 15
Campers use SnapCircuits for introductory circuit projects

"Mobile Tech Camp Olympics" and "Career Day" with industry professionals are a couple of the events we have planned to engage students in technology learning as well as summer fun. View the type of events we schedule for camp HERE.

Summer Camp Schedule