Summer Camp Checklist:

Mobile Tech Camp 2018


Please make sure you have all of the following items submitted (or ready) before you come to camp:

  • Signature - Terms & Conditions


  • Information/Signature - Emergency & Medical Information Form


  • USB Key

    • Please supply a USB key with at least 4 GB of memory for your student. These will be used to save your student’s computer-based projects.


  • Gmail Account

    • Campers will need a Gmail account to be able to make their own Android Apps.

      • Please go to and create an account with password for your student.

      • Do not use your personal “Gmail” account for this purpose

      • Pick a Gmail account name and password that will be easy for your student to remember

      • We will log this information in our records just in case your student forgets

      • Please change your password after camp is over!